Weekly Schedule Update

In light of the changes made to Omega Savage and surveying the activities that members are interested in, the weekly schedule is being amended. The schedule will be looked into again when we have more information on the content included in Patch 4.1 either in late-January or early-February 2018.

Weekly Schedule
Old New
Tuesday:  » 8:00pm – Omega Savage Progression » 7:00pm – Omega Savage Progression
(Change in starting time)
Thursday:  » 8:00pm – Primal EX Progression No Change
Saturday:  » 7:00pm – Khloe EX (WT) » 7:00pm – Mount Farming
(Change in Content)
Monday:  » 7:00pm – Omega Savage Books Run » 7:00pm – Misc Content Clearing
(Change in Content)

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