So what does It Mean to Be a “Top” or a” that is“Dominant Lesbian Sex?

So what does It Mean to Be a “Top” or a” that is“Dominant Lesbian Sex?

Hello and welcome to component two of your show about what the hell we suggest whenever we state “top, ” “bottom” or “switch”! Final we talked about bottoms and submissives, and this week we’re talking about tops and dominants week. Let’s enter into it.

The Tops, Bottoms and Switches Intercourse Survey

Three weeks hence, we delivered you with a study about these slippery terms, and over 3.6k people turned up to share with you their tops and bottoms beside me. They are the demographics regarding the respondents:

Demographics of Intercourse Survey Respondents // Age: Under 18 (1.2%), 18-24 (25%), 25-34 (56%), 35-44 (14%), 44+ (4.5%) // Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (43.4%), Queer (30%), Bi or Pansexual (19%), Gay (6.2%), Other (1%) // Gender Identity: Cis girl (71.2%), Trans girl (3.4%), Non-Binary or woman that is genderqueer9.5%), Non-Binary or Genderqueer Individual (7.6%), Other (8.2%) // Relationship Status: Single or Dating, devoid of Intercourse Frequently (30.6%), solitary or Dating, Having Sex Frequently (8.7%), In A monogamous relationship (32.6%), In a relationship that is non-monogamous9.3%), Hitched & Monogamous (15.5%), Hitched & Non-Monogamous (3.2%)

I’ll be going right through the information slowly during the period of the— next week we’ll talk about switches and people who don’t employ these terms at all month. We’ll also speak about sub-identities (bratty bottom, energy bottom, solution top, etc. ) and we’ll glance at the information all together and how it intersects with different identities and demographics. Each week’s information will build on last week’s and will also be extremely satisfying for nerds and fans of intercourse.

Exactly how many Tops Are on the market?

Despite all of the talk of tops and bottoms in the queer community, our study unveiled that individuals who identify particularly as tops or bottoms have been in the minority overall. Also, you will find slightly more bottoms out there than tops.

Tops: 12% // Bottoms: 14.3% // Switches: 51.6% // None regarding the Above: 13.4% // I’m Not Yes: 8.9%

What’s Topping?

Before queer women’s culture adopted top/bottom as terminology highly relevant to sex that is non-kinky the terms had been mainly employed by homosexual males, or perhaps in kink or BDSM contexts by both right and LGBTQ+ people. For the present time, a couple of things are unmistakeable from our studies: “top” now is easier to determine than “bottom, ” there’s more opinion on preferred functions among tops versus bottoms, and there appears to be an even more clear-cut distinction between “top” and “dominant” than between “bottom” and “submissive. ”

Just Just What Do Tops prefer to Do During Intercourse?

We asked survey-takers to point their passion for offering and getting many different intimate functions, and in addition asked them to define what “top” methods to them. We’ve included several of the most popular tasks below. (observe that scissoring/dry-humping was not included from the survey because it does not have any clear giving/receiving characteristics. )

WHAT TOPS LOVE TO DO IN BED – Vaginal Penetration: Receiving (32%), Providing (95%) // Oral Sex (Genital): Receiving (56%), Providing (90%) // Strap-On Penetration (Vaginal): Receiving (20%), Providing (72%) // Genital Fisting: Receiving (8.5%), Offering (29%) // Fingering (Exterior Genital Touch): Offering (97%), Receiving (60%) // Nipple Enjoy: Getting (49%), Offering (86%) // Anal: Getting (12.4%), Providing (29%)

The chart above reveals which activities inspired tops to declare “this is regarded as my favorite what to give/receive” or “i enjoy give/receive this. ” They could additionally show feelings that are neutral a offered work, state they didn’t choose to do it, say they’d never done it or pick “N/A. ” But “I give this and don’t like it” ended up being selected extremely rarely — exactly zero tops explicitly don’t like giving genital penetration, for instance, and also the only intercourse acts that motivated a lot more than five tops to select “I give this and don’t like it” had been anal oral sex (six respondents don’t like it) and anal penetration (seven participants don’t enjoy it).

There clearly was a larger consensus among tops versus bottoms with regards to favored acts. As an example, 95% of tops choose to penetrate vaginally; 80% of bottoms prefer to receive stated penetration. Needless to say, it’s worth noting that not all the individuals who took this study have actually vaginas to enter, but getting rid of the group least very likely to have vagina (trans ladies) from our bottom information would not create a statistically appropriate affect that portion. Ab muscles definitions of “giving” and “receiving” lend by themselves to greater top opinion for, since it ended up being written Pat Califia’s 1988 lesbian intercourse guide Sapphistry: The Book of Lesbian sex: “the top’s energy is obviously restricted to the requirements and abilities regarding the bottom. ” Similarly, you can find a lot more bottoms enthusiastic about finger-fucking (68.6%) than you can find tops who would like to get finger-fucked (32%).

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