Remorse by Lenkia. Fandoms: Celebrity Wars – All Media Kinds…

Remorse by Lenkia. Fandoms: Celebrity Wars – All Media Kinds…

Fandoms: Star Wars – All Media Kinds, Celebrity Wars Sequel Trilogy

  • Explicit
  • Rape/Non-Con
  • F/M
  • Work with Progress
  • Rape/Non-Con
  • Rey/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
  • Kylo Ren/Rey
  • Rey (Celebrity Wars)
  • Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
  • Kylo Ren
  • Finn (Celebrity Wars)
  • Rose Tico
  • Poe Dameron
  • Kaydel Ko Connix
  • Maz Kanata
  • Armitage Hux
  • Paige Tico
  • Alternate Universe – Contemporary Establishing
  • Sequel
  • Dark
  • Heavy Angst
  • Rape/Non-con Elements
  • Possessive Behavior
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Older Man/Younger Girl
  • Possessive Kylo Ren
  • Kylo Ren is Not Nice
  • Unhealthy Relationships
  • Sexism
  • Forced Maternity
  • Kylo Ren/Rey Kid
  • Age Distinction
  • Gaslighting
  • Barista Rey (Celebrity Wars)
  • Forced Wedding
  • Forced Orgasm
  • Said Trafficking
  • Organized Criminal Activity
  • Punishment
  • Harsh Intercourse
  • Pregnancy Kink
  • Therapy
  • Dead Dove: Don’t Eat
  • Harsh Kissing
  • Psychological Manipulation
  • Stalking
  • Physical Physical Physical Violence
  • Childbirth
  • Rey is 20
  • Kylo Ren is 36
  • Explicit Sexual Information
  • Other tags that are additional Be Added
  • Masturbation
  • Dirty Talk
  • Non-Consensual Drug Use


Rey thought she, as well as her child woman, will be in sexy asian cam a position to move ahead given that it really is all over. But she herself was wrong.

He won’t keep them alone.

The Sequal to my very own tale Regrets.


  • Component 3 of Regrets – the show

Language: English Words: 14,383 Chapters: 4/? Comments: 76 Kudos: 152 Bookmarks: 31 Hits: 4514

  • Mistakes Had Been Created By yralmostbestfriend

    Fandoms: Dragon Age – All Media Kinds, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Inquisition

    • Explicit
    • Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
    • F/F, F/M, M/M, Multi, Other
    • Work with Progress
    • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
    • Rape/Non-Con
    • Abelas (Dragon Age)/Original Female Character(s)
    • Solas (Dragon Age)/Original Female Character(s)
    • Other Relationship Tags become Added
    • Hawke (dragon age)/Original Female Character
    • Original Female Character/Original Male Character
    • Alistair/Original Female Character(s)
    • Alistair/Cullen Rutherford
    • Original Characters
    • Flemythal – Character
    • Abelas (Dragon Age)
    • Wisp (Dragon age)
    • Other Character Tags become Added
    • Varric Tethras
    • Zazikel as Wallace
    • Feminine Hawke (Dragon Age)
    • Fenris (Dragon Age)
    • Anders (Dragon Age)
    • Merrill (Dragon Age)
    • Isabela (Dragon Age)
    • Knight-Captain Cullen (Dragon Age II)
    • Wisdom (Dragon Age)
    • Other Spirits (Dragon Age)
    • Fennas/Original Male Character
    • Alistair (Dragon Age)
    • Sal/Red Right Hand
    • Contemporary Character in Thedas
    • MCiT
    • Consent Problems
    • Edgeplay
    • Hematolagnia
    • Non-Consensual Somnophilia
    • Implied/Referenced Drug Utilize
    • Flemythal Is Really A Bit Drunky
    • Abelas Is An Attractive Creep
    • OC Has Foul Mouth
    • There’s absolutely no Going Carefully
    • There Are Not Any Good Nights
    • I Really Do Perhaps Not Kneel
    • Polyamory
    • Pregnancy Kink
    • Maiesiophilia
    • Contemporary Woman in Thedas
    • MGiT
    • Break
    • Blood and physical physical Violence
    • Slow Burn
    • Fast Going Wildfire
    • Kirkwall (Dragon Age)
    • Tags Expand As Story Can
    • Drunk Alistair (Dragon Age)
    • He Gon Become A’rite Tho
    • Dom! Alistair
    • Switch! Alistair
    • Dom! Cullen
    • Cullistair
    • Hardened Alistair (Dragon Age)
    • Ayahuasca Fade Trip
    • King Alistair (Dragon Age)
    • Canon Is Whatevs


    Flemythal had been terrible at research and today Farrah ended up being having to pay along with her identification. The old witch ripped her body aside and place her back together once more in a reality that is new. Farrah knew truth ended up being subjective. She’d long decided some body need to find a much better term for whatever “reality” described. The 30 one thing teacher had some things she necessary to do the moment she could sober Flemythal up. She actually wished to persuade one other girl not to ever destroy her. Then, she’d find some real option to make by herself helpful. Since all the other choices had been Or Death, Farrah had been very inspired to aid Flemythal burn down Thedas. Or maybe she’d help Thedas survive the bitch. She’d determine later on.

    Join Farrah lose her identity, experience a few breakdowns that are existential have sexual intercourse with Thedas, make enduring friendships, and drive a horse to death (don’t worry about it, the horse gets better).

    We have all problems. Nobody is fine. Dead elf memories constantly win.

    Hot and Cool by BardsAmbrosia

    Fandoms: Hunter X Hunter

    • Explicit
    • No Archive Warnings Apply
    • F/M
    • Work with Progress
    • No Archive Warnings Apply
    • Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)/Reader
    • Illumi Zoldyck/Reader
    • Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)
    • Illumi Zoldyck
    • Reader
    • Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
    • Porn with emotions
    • Harsh Intercourse
    • Perhaps Unrequited Adore
    • Accidental Voyeurism
    • Threesome – F/M/M
    • Smooth illumi
    • First Kiss
    • Awkwardness
    • Teasing
    • Pregnancy Kink
    • Fluff
    • OOC Hisoka
    • Crush at Very Very First Sight
    • Vanilla
    • Praise Kink
    • Body Worship
    • Despair
    • Love Confessions
    • Minor Violence
    • Humiliation
    • Bad Dirty Talk
    • Bad Flirting
    • Magic Tricks
    • Fulfilling the moms and dads
    • Young Ones
    • Yandere
    • Stalking
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