Game Title: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Official Website:
Platforms: PC
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts / LucasArts


Guild Name:
 Orphans of Taris
Faction: Republic
Data Centre: Europe
Server: The Red Eclipse

<Orphans of Taris>

Scholars maintain that the guild, Orphans of Taris, was formed in the closing months of 2012 or the first few months of 2013, however the exact date has been lost to history. Regardless of this fact it is clear that the guild was formed due to one of the four founders comments being noticed in the general chat of Coruscant by the now Guildmaster, Valéfor. The simple message by Elberis stating “Looking for a guild that finds my dead baby jokes funny” was the catalyst for the guild forming. Thus the <Orphans of Taris>was formed as a haven for sarcasm and political incorrectness.

Although the guild grew and changed with the times it still remained a place where sarcasm and political incorrectness reigned. The guild still continued to be categorised as casual, despite the hallmarks of becoming relatively formal due to its use of social media, a website and a dedicated voice chat server courtesy of the Assistant GM, Shuartzu.

Guild Name:
Faction: Empire
Data Centre: Europe
Server: The Red Eclipse



Infinite is the empire aligned sister guild of the Orphans of Taris, as many players wished to also be able to partake in empire faction game content. The guilds name is the only one that we own which does not feature an “Orphans” trend. This is due to the Guild master paying homage to a guild he used to belong to on the MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) named Infinity on the Khadgar server.