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Throughout the period of time that The Orphans have existed, certain words and terms have come into every day common use that may need some explaining. Below is an alphabetical list of some of our most prominent words (or at least the ones that we can remember).

Alt Dance (verb)
[Alt Dance, Alt Danc-ing]

  1. The act of cycling through ones alts in quick succession for one reason or another.
         » example: “I’m just going to alt dance through my characters, be right back”.

Clunge (noun)
[ Clunge ]

  1.  A codeword used by The Orphans to represent an impending threat or danger such as an attack or enemy.
         » example: “CLUUUUUNGE!!”

Cory (verb)
[ Cory, Cory-ing, Cory-ed ]

  1.  The act of pulling a an entire area or room of mobs accidentally, often results in a wipe.
         » example: “Ooops. Sorry guys, I made some friends….”

El (verb)
[ El, El-ing, El-ed ]

  1. The act of running away from a fight that has gone badly, usually resulting in death.
         » example: “Heal me quick!… Oh, he’s pulling an El… He ran away”.
  2. The act of playing a triple agent.
         » example: “I wanted to rebuild the world in the ashes of your civilisations”.

Jal (verb)
[ Jal, Jal-ing, Jal-ed ]

  1. The act of telling a tall tale, often over exaggerated.
         » example: “Come on, stop Jaling. That’s outrageous”.
  2. Disappearing and never returning without a word.
         » example: “…”

Mina (verb)
[ Mina, ,Mina-ing, Mina-ed ]

  1. The act of entering an instanced fight and forgetting to equip a stance.
         » example: “Huh? Why can’t I use these moves?… Oh!”
  2. The act of forgetting a move exists in the middle of an instanced fight.
         » example: “Hey Mina, did you forget that Collective Unconscious exists?”

Nay (verb)
[ Nay, Nay-ing, Nay-ed ]

  1. The act of adventuring off, usually in a group, in order to explore and accidentally getting killed.
         » example: “What’s over here? Guys help!”

Norvie (verb)
[ Norvie, Norv-ing, Norv-ed ]

  1. The act of adventuring off getting a commission in the middle of an instanced fight
         » example: “Sorry, I was busy getting a screenshot.”

Nukegate (noun)
[ Nukegate ]

  1. A reference to an un-“civilised” event which included a triple agent, a nuke and two very unfortunate cities in the August of 2014.
         » example: “We all look back and laugh at Nukegate now, but never forget, don’t trust El!”.

Numi (verb)
[ Numi, Numi-ing, Numi-ed ]

  1. The act of pulling/rescuing another player to their untimely demise, often fails in doing so.
         » example: “Oh, ignore him. He’s just trying to Numi me and is just killing himself”.
  2. Making a (very) bad pun.
         » example: “A dragoon walks into a bar. Ouch”.

Reih (verb)
[ Reih, Reih-ing, Reih-ed ]

  1. Missing something obvious.
         example: “You totally pulled a Reih when you missed that flashing door in Aquapolis”.

Sanro (verb)
[ Sanro, Sanro-ing, Sanro-ed ]

  1. The act of joining and listening in on TeamSpeak or Discord but is either unable or unwilling to talk.
         » example: “I would grab my microphone but it’s in my draw somewhere, I’m just going to Sanro”.

Shuicide (verb)
[ Shuicide ]

  1. The act of killing oneself accidentally or at another’s behest
         » example: “It’s okay Shu, the mine has been temporarily deactivated. Go and dismantle it”.
  2. Death due to misinformation.
         » example: “BOOOOM”.

Sylph (verb)
[ Sylph, Sylp-ing, Syph-ed ]

  1. The act of slamming another into a wall, usually in the form of a round-house kick.
         » example: “Ooooh, he totally just got Sylphed into that wall”.

Tirtz (verb)
[ Tirtz, Tirtz-ing, Tirtz-ed ]

  1. The act of pulling a mob/boss accidentally, may sometimes result in a wipe.
         » example: “Okay, I’m ready… sorry!”

Valurism (noun)
[ Valurism ]

  1. Head pain leading to a mental breakdown due to sheer stupidity or annoyance.
         » example: “Leave him be for a bit, he’s having a Valurism”.

Whatsappgate (noun)
[ Whatsappgate ]

  1. A reference to an incident involving one too many WhatsApp groups.
         » example: “*leaves group*”.