Can i take advantage of this loan to settle other debts?

Can i take advantage of this loan to settle other debts?

Yes, within the circumstances that are right consolidation may be useful which help you handle your financial troubles. That you only have to track one interest rate and one payment to make each month if you have all your debts in one place, it means.

But, before you apply for a financial loan you need to review your choices to ensure that the loan that you are considering suits you. For instance, compare the rates of great interest betwixt your loan that is current or card providers along with your proposed AA Loan and start thinking about just how long the loans are for.

In a few circumstances taking out fully that loan to control your money could suggest you wind up having to pay an increased interest rate and/or it could take much much longer for you really to spend the amount of money right back.

I am perhaps perhaps maybe not certain that an AA Loan is appropriate for me personally, exactly what do We do?

Make an effort you ought to start thinking about most of the information you might be given therefore you are certain the item is suitable for you before you commit.

See Borrowing Money with an AA Loan to find out more. Maybe, discuss it having member of the family or friend. If you should be nevertheless not sure on how to make a software or exactly what will take place next, please call Customer Services on 0345 266 0124.

Am I able to alter my head about taking right out a loan?

Yes. You have got 14 calendar times through the after you receive your acceptance letter to withdraw from your Agreement day. In the event that you decide that you do not desire that loan from us, just call 0345 266 0124 through this 14 time period. Instead, you are able to compose to us at; AA Loans, PO Box 248, Sheffield, S98 1QF.

Whenever am I going to understand if i have already been accepted when it comes to loan?

More often than not you shall obtain an instant choice online. In many cases we might need more information or proof of paperwork, should this be the outcome we are in contact with you by post within 5 times.

Exactly what do i really do if my application for the loan is declined and I also do not concur?

On 0345 266 0124 if you are unhappy with the decision you can ask us to reconsider by telephoning us. Instead, you’ll compose to us at; AA Loans, PO Box 248, Sheffield, S98 1QF.

You ought to know that people cannot provide any guarantees which our initial choice is supposed to be changed. To guide your appeal you will have to offer us with any extra information that is relevant wasn’t provided to us when you initially made the job.

What exactly is credit scoring and exactly how does it work?

To simply help realize whether or not to offer you credit also to guarantee lending that is responsible your individual circumstances are taken into consideration.

For this, each application is examined utilizing system called credit scoring. All AA applications proceed through a credit that is standard procedure, which functions using your information that is personal and offering each appropriate information a rating. These specific values are then added together to present a score that is final gives the foundation for the choice. This can be a method we used to assist us determine whether we could lend you cash and it is employed by other banks. Please relate to Our decision explained to learn more.

How do we get a content of my credit file?

You will get your hands on a content of the credit file:

  • On line at or
  • By composing to Experian Ltd, Consumer Help provider, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 7WE.
  • On line at or;
  • By composing to Callcredit, One Park Lane, Leeds, western Yorkshire, LS3 1EP.

Please be aware, these agencies will ask you for for this service.

What are the results after my application is authorized?

We shall send your contract down by post. You will want to check always all of the details, indication the contract and send it back to us by post to help us to move the funds to your account. You will be sent a duplicate of y our conditions and terms, Pre Contractual Information (SECCI) and information that is important your loan.

It’s important you read and understand the given information included within these papers. Please call us if you have something that that you don’t comprehend.

Exactly just How quickly will the money is got by me?

We strive for the income to stay your bank or building culture within 2 business days when we have obtained your finalized agreement.

After you have your loan

We need you to create your monthly repayments by direct debit, unless we agree otherwise. Your debit that is direct will arranged through the bank/building culture you’ve chosen throughout your application.

On 0345 266 0124 if you want to change the bank account from which your repayments are paid please contact us.

Let’s say I can not make my month-to-month payment?

If you should be struggling to maintain with all the repayments in your loan for reasons uknown, our company is right here to simply help. It’s important which you give us a call on 0345 266 0124 and we’ll talk you through the choices available.

There are several organisations that will offer confidential, unbiased and help that is free advice. To find out more take a look at will you be in financial hardships?

If you should be currently in contact with an organization that is providing you with monetary advice, please inform us so we can cope with them straight.

Can we have a repayment break?

No, the AA Loan does not feature payment break choice.

If you should be struggling to steadfastly keep up using the repayments on the loan, we have been right here to aid. Please e mail us on 0345 266 0124. Instead, there are numerous organisations that may offer private, unbiased and free assistance and advice. To learn more have a look at have you been in financial hardships?

What can I do if i must alter my details that are personal?

You are able to settle your agreement very early – in complete or perhaps in part – at any moment. But we may charge up to 58 days’ interest if you do.

If you want to spend your loan off in complete you will definitely first need certainly to request funds quotation by calling us on 0345 266 0124. Instead, you are able to compose to us at: AA Loans, PO Box 248, Sheffield S98 1QF.

In order to make a partial settlement you can contact us to help make a debit card payment. As being outcome of any payment we lower the term of one’s contract until you request otherwise.

Just What structure could I receive my loan paperwork in?

We are able to offer paperwork in braille, large printing or sound on demand. In the event that you need documents in every of the platforms, please give us a call on 0345 266 0124. Instead, you can easily compose to us at; AA Loans, PO Box 248, Sheffield, S98 1QF.

Current customers

With us and how to contact us if you have an existing AA Loan and need to contact us please refer to our existing customers page which will give you more information about the loan you have.

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