AVP, Loan Management and Money Management. Business Introduction

AVP, Loan Management and Money Management. Business Introduction

Job Posting for AVP, Loan management and Cash Management at Rushmore Loan Management solutions

Business Introduction

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The AVP of money Management is in charge of the day-to-day operations of payment processing, disbursement and reconciliation devices in the money administration division. This position interacts day-to-day with numerous divisions in the company collections that are including Loss Mitigation, and Default administration, in addition to accounting and merchant representatives.



Maintains and deliver a higher degree of efficiency, effectiveness and precision. Maintains division policies and procedures (P&P) for money functions. Works together division supervisors and workers to make sure that all functions into the money management division are completed in a prompt way and in accordance with policies and procedures. Manages and directs cashiering staff and operations. Procedures home loan re re payments according to relevant Agency recommendations and procedures that are internal. Procedures borrowers’ month-to-month mortgage payments, payoffs, and all https://badcreditloanapproving.com/payday-loans-hi/ sorts of came back products. Manages lockbox merchant to produce efficiency that is optimal control. Oversees day-to-day reconciliation and settings over Payment Clearing Account, publishing batches, and MSP System Balancing

Manages G/L transactions that are posting. Manages MSP disbursements processing, as assigned. Reviews and researches exclusion or rejected re payments. Prepares day-to-day accounting and interior reports or types. Works closely with business accounting workers to make certain efficient movement of operations and attain greatest amounts of accuracy and quality. Provides thought leadership and in-depth expertise through coordination, execution and distribution of services. Operationalizes business strategy by developing actionable plans or programs for a function. Monitors plans and programs to make certain positioning with company goals as well as other functions. Financial stewardship. Provides input into negotiations or agrageements which are financiale.g. agreements or solutions) which have a direct effect from the company. Keeps up to date with industry trends and regulatory demands to make sure alignment with company requirements. Monitors client satisfaction and offers recommendations for improvements in solutions or programs. Manages groups to manage programs and solutions to satisfy consumer needs. Lovers along with other interior resources in the execution regarding the strategy. Responsible for team development and performance. Performs other duties as assigned by administration.



Has familiarity with widely used terminology, principles, methods, and procedures inside the home loan industry. Thorough familiarity with MSP, with at the least 36 months of present experience dealing with MSP. Capacity to satisfy time due dates while working under great pressure. Capacity to handle tasks that are simultaneous tasks in an overly busy environment. Good company writing skills. Exceptional company mathematics abilities. Exceptional follow-up abilities. Strong computer abilities. Capability to influence or establish policies that are departmental procedures or procedures. Power to determine and recommend process and solution distribution improvements. Capacity to apply knowledge that is in-depth significant task experience to deliver advice and counsel while tracking results. Power to communicate initiatives and convert impact that is strategic the group. Capability to achieve outcomes by influencing decisions through advice and counsel to other people. Capability to achieve outcomes through other people by handling groups


Highschool Diploma required. Bachelor degree preferred. Minimal 5 years excelling in Mortgage Loan Servicing and money Operations Management Minimal five years in Manager place. Minimal 5 years employee that is directly managing (performance reviews, disputes, mentoring, etc.). Expertise in procedure administration, banking account reconciliation, and / or development that is organizational.


Experienced In Microsoft Workplace applications. Proficient under control processing equipment.

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